COVID-19 Info 

The province of Alberta has removed mandatory public health restrictions (effective June 14, 2022)

It is important to continue to teach good health practices and hygiene.  Our school will continue to:

  • promote frequent hand hygiene and good respiratory etiquette
  • continue environmental measures such as cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces
  • have a plan for students and staff who develop symptoms to wait in a separate area until they can go home
  • staff and students can continue to wear masks if they choose to  
Mandatory isolation Isolation requirements for staff and students were lifted on June 14, 2022.  Isolation is still recommended if you test postive or have symptoms not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition.  The recommendations are: 
  • Fully vaccinated: 5 calendar days or until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer, plus 5 calendar days of wearing a mask at all times when around others outside of home.
  • Not fully vaccinated: 10 calendar days or until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.
  • If a person tests negative, they should still stay home and away from others until symptoms resolve.  We are asking our parents to please be available to pick up your child as soon as possible if they become ill while at school.  We risk spreading illness to other students and staff by having unwell students in school.  




Daily checklists are no longer required for visitors when entering our school, however we ask that if you are feel unwell that you refrain from coming into the facility.  



Alberta Government COVID-19 Parent's Guide



Alberta Conference Office of Education Health Policy






Coralwood Adventist Academy does not offer before and after school care.  Please see the list below of daycares in our area:

   Little Nemos Daycare - contact #587-524-6366 (buses to and from Coralwood)

   First Choice Daycare - contact #780-452-0587