Grade 2
Welcome to Grade 2!

We are a class of 14 eager students, ready to learn many exciting things this year! Our Science topics for the year include: Exploring Liquids, Buoyancy and Boats, Magnetism, Hot and Cold Temperature, and Small Crawling and Flying Animals. In Social Studies, we will be looking at various aspects of communities, specifying on three different communities - Iqaluit, Meteghan and Saskatoon - as well as our own city, Edmonton. We also study Bible, Language Arts, Math, Health, French and Music. We have biweekly visits from our classroom pastor, Pastor John Murley, as well as weekly Library visits and small-group, SRA time with our librarian, Mrs. Koperski. Programs, such as RAZ-Kids, help learning continue at home while keeping the student interested.

This is my sixth year of teaching at CAA and I'm so excited to be teaching grade 2! I look forward to meeting you and working with your students for a very successful year!
-Mrs. Erica Dees

E-Mail: edees@coralwood.org