Coralwood Adventist Academy is definitely a school filled with students and teachers with a love for God and for people.  Thank you so much for making us all feel so welcome.  God Bless!


We like Coralwood Adventist Academy because it is founded on the Christian and Seventh-day Adventist beliefs.  It is a suitable ground for the children to learn and know God.


We like Coralwood because it is a Christian school.  We believe that through Christian education it will enable our daughter to become closer to God.  We like how the teachers/staff care for the students and also the families, especially that you have been praying for each family in a specific week...the parent and teacher time is excellent wherein the teachers tell the parent about the child’s performance and if any improvement is needed. We like the 4-day week (four days of classes)!

Jun & Sheila

We like Coralwood for many reasons, some of which are that when you walk in the building it’s a nice, warm feeling.  Plus, the teachers are friendly and there to help when we need it.  And what I like the most is everyone is respectful to one another no matter if you’re an adult or a student.


We like Coralwood Adventist Academy because:

  • There is high quality education and physical education
  • The teachings about God and moral values assist in good character building for my children.
  • The teachers are God-fearing.