Grade 3

Welcome to the Grade 3 classroom where learning is fun.  We are a community of Stars learning to cooperate, solve problems, and be responsible for oneself.  Grade 3’s are learning in Science about Rocks and Minerals, Building with a Variety of Materials, Hearing and Sound, and Animal Life Cycles.  We are traveling to countries like Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine, and India in Social Studies and realizing our Quality of Life is greater than others.  God has blessed us abundantly and we give praise to Him through worship, Bible class, and Music.  Students use a variety of methods to enhance their individual learning styles.  Knowing that this age group’s attention span is their age minus -1 allows for Movement and Socialization every 7 minutes.  We have weekly visits to the library; they are learning to love reading.  Interviewing a blind man using Skype and visiting with a real live guide dog helped enhance our novel study, Buddy the Seeing Eye Dog.  You are always welcome in our classroom where you will be greeted by a student always able to explain to you what we’re learning.  So drop in. We welcome you. 


                    (Grade 3 Circle of Friendship)                                (Grade 3 Field Trip to New Asian Village)

Mrs. Rayette Hetland

E-Mail: rhetland@coralwood.org